“When the cold wind is a'calling And the sky is clear and bright Misty mountains sing and beckon Lead me out into the light I will ride, I will fly Chase the wind and touch the sky I will fly Chase the wind and touch the sky” // Julie Fowlis


We got visitors 🕊🦄 Last week, we got a call from our neighbor. “One of your ponies is outside the fence”. Well it turned out, it wasn’t our ponie. It was a sweet warmblood mare, that escaped from her field, 5 km from us 😅 But she was perfectly relaxed and healthy when we find her. And the owner was find just a few hours later 😅 And today we find a new Pigeon in the stable. She (or he) didn’t look like the ones we have here. It had longer legs and different coat patterns. She also had a ring on one leg and something look like a transmitter on the other leg. Guess she might be a carrier-pigeon 🕊 Anyway we are happy both of them choosed to visit us 🥰 #newhorse #visitors #carrierpigeon #everyoneiswelcome


Today we had a day off. So we took the ponies out for adventure 🌸
  • Jessica Åberg • 11 maj 2018 14:51:10
    Tack för ett bra bemötande. Både jag och min häst är jätte nöjda med VD Ergonomic tränset. Snyggt och bra kvalité.
  • Elin Hofvander • 26 februari 2017 18:27:03
    Tack för super fina produkter. Är jätte nöjd med padd, libertyrain och träns!
  • Rebecca • 25 februari 2017 17:47:30
    Testar att skriva en kommentar här i gästboken! :-)
    Skriv gärna en hälsning till oss här.
    Kram kram/R