Meet our Vision design Equestrians

We are proud that several successful riders choose to use equipment from Vision Design. We would like to reach even more riders in all different disciplines and that is why we support these equestrians with equipment from Vision Design.

Åsa Cidh -
working equitation

Åsa Cidh competes internationally in working equitation and has qualified two of her horses all the way up to the highest classes. Åsa also trains liberty dressage and is a member of Team Horse Vision.


Photo: Anna Spathon Photo: Anna Spathon

Tana Ericson -
classical dressage

Tana Ericson is educated in the School of Légèreté by Philippe Karl and is today riding on the highest level. Together with her horses and pupils, she is an excellent ambassador for classical dressage.

Photo: Zandra Ahl Photography Photo: Zandra Ahl Photography

Horse Vision -
academic art of riding and liberty dressage

Of course our Team Horse Vision-riders are also VD Equestrians. Christofer and Rebecca Dahlgren, Stinelo Wiking, Frida Schaffer, Therese Granlund, Jenny Gustavsson, Elin Hofvander and Miriam Johansson are proudly representing Vision Design.

Photo: Therese Hübner Photo: Therese Hübner

Anders Månson -

Anders Månson is riding tourna-ments and is part of the Torneamentum Knighthood in Visby, Gotland. He is the eventing-rider who changed course and is today successful in tournaments. Together with Torneamentum he has ridden at Stockholm International Horse Show and performs regularly on Gotland, for example at the Medieval week in Visby. He has no less than three individual gold-medals from the Swedish Championships of Tournaments. All his horses are trained in dressage, show-jumping and liberty dressage. Anders is also a member of Team Horse Vision.


Sara Kanstedt -

Sara Kanstedt is an elite endurance rider. She has earlier qualified for the national team and has an individual silver-medal from the Swedish Championships. She is currently training her new arabians, Arctic Tern Nadja and Tanzanija.