Success stories - equipment from vision design

Now that I got my Liberty Rein I finally feel safe enough to start to really educate my horse. /Emma with Lizzy

Wonderful with sparkling stones

Oh, it's great with equipment even for us liberty dressage riders who don't use saddle and bridle. The sparkling stones and luxurious quality in the riding pad and breastplate makes my horse shine! /Frida Schaffer

Finally there's a bridle for us riders who don't want to tighten the noseband, don't want to ride with a curb bit but still want a good looking bridle with soft quality and a luxurious look. /Ewa Hansson

Ergonomic and luxurious in the same package

After trying your luxurious products, I can't wait to see what you will develop next. /Agneta Östh

My horse can finally relax and safely listen to me"