our story

While running our business in the equestrian industry for many years, we have frequently talked about equipment and different solutions that would make our everyday life and the training of our horses easier. Slowly thoughts and ideas started to take shape and we began thinking about starting a new business where we could develop products that we were missing today. So now we are here and we have the great pleasure to welcome you to Vision Design - the innovative company.

Currently there are three of us working with Vision Design. Except me, Rebecca Dahlgren, I have also Miriam Johansson and Elin Hofvander by my side. Both work as retail and sales managers, Miriam is focusing on our Swedish market and Elin is working internationally. 

We welcome your ideas!
Have you been thinking about something you don't find in the stores but, according to you, would benefit many horse owners? We welcome your ideas! Just send us an e-mail to order@horse-vision.se.
If your idea makes it all the way to production here at Vision Design, you will be rewarded with 300 EUR. So send us an e-mail telling us what you miss and what you wish for!

/Rebecca Dahlgren - CEO Vision Design