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This man 😍❤️ Photo @celinerieckphotography #christoferdahlgren


Wish you a lovely weekend 💕 Me and Chris taking 4 weeks vacation now 😎🍻But of course we will continue to give you regulary updates here ☺️Pic of Jonna @jonna_horsevision and her Connemara Eamonn when performing at the HorseVision Festival, captured by @celinerieckphotography #connemarapony #eamonn #horsevisionfestival #horseshow


Yesterday we all from HorseVision Stable went to a lovely restaurant and later to the cinema to see the film MammaMia2. It was just a great evening! And i have to say! Go and see the film! It was super! 🤩🎬🍻#mammamia2